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Delinte Tyres, the art of preformance

For the sporty riders the Delinte D7 is a wise choice. This ultra-high performance tyre offers excellent grip and steering precision while driving at high speeds. The Delinte D7 features an asymmetric tread pattern that helps to ensure optimum road contact which remains preserved under all circumstances.
The Delinte DH2 is an ideal tyre for everyday rides but is also suitable for driving long distances. Four wide longitudinal grooves of the Delinte DH2 ensure optimal drainage of water and debris. As a result, the Delinte DH2 offers excellent performance on both dry and wet conditions.

For SUVs Delinte has developed the Delinte D8. Due to the excellent properties of the Delinte D8 it retains his optimal and predictable performance, even at high speeds. This SUV tyre of Delinte is suitable for both on-road and off-road.

Delinte tyres offer the perfect blend of quality and performance. Not only during normal driving and weather conditions Delinte tyres perform optimally. The special rubber compound combined with the unique structure of the profile Delinte tyres also perform during extreme weather conditions. Delinte tyres are available in a wide range of types and sizes at an attractive price.

Delinte tyres believes that the user must be able to rely on his or her car tyres at all times. Delinte tyres provide excellent handling and reliable and predictable behavior under all conditions. Even at higher speeds or sporty driving Delinte tyres are reliable. Delinte tyres are a great alternative to the well-known premium brands.

Delinte, the art of performance!

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