Delinte tyres

Delinte tyres are available in a very elaborate size range, in summer, winter, and all-season versions. All tyres have specific properties conforming to the highest standards of quality. The winter and all-season versions have the 3PMSF winter label (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake). This shows that the tyres conform to European regulations for winter use.

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Delinte, the right tyre for every season.

Delinte, offering the right tyre for every season. There is ample choice of summer, winter, or all-season versions. The Delinte tires offer excellent driving and braking properties in every season, as well as reliable and predictable driving behaviour in all weather conditions.

Delinte, the optimal driving experience

Experience driving your car the way it was meant to be. Firmly on the pedal, nice and sharp around the corners, smoothly down your driveway, or simply relax and cruise around. Delinte tyres let you do it all. The decision is yours. Delinte makes allows you to choose your very own driving style. As long as you stay within the rules, of course! Delinte tyres give you a feeling of freedom, but especially safety. Their driving and braking properties offer you all the room you need to decide on your own driving style. Recognisable and always reliable properties form the basis for an optimal driving experience. Is it time to change your tyres? Have your Delinte tyres fitted and experience them for yourself.

Delinte, an optimal driving experience for a sharp price!