Delinte all-season tyres are characterised by their unique mix of summer and winter properties. The all-season rubber compound will adjust to the temperature and remain flexible under all conditions. Driving and braking conditions are optimal under all weather conditions. Whether on dry summer roads or on wet or snowy winter roads, Delinte all-season tyres will always keep their grip. That’s a reassuring idea!

Delinte All-Season

Delinte’s all-season tyres have the ideal mix of properties of Delinte’s summer and winter tyres. Reliable driving and braking properties both in summer and in winter. Thanks to the inclusion of silica, the optimised rubber composition will remain flexible even at extremely low temperatures. This is important for grip, especially in winter. The clever tread construction allows water, snow, and dirt to be removed quickly from underneath the tyre.

This enables the tyres to stay fully in touch with the road, which means maximum grip is retained in all winter circumstances. The chance of aquaplaning, too, will be greatly reduced with Delinte all-season tyres. Braking distance, whether on a dry, wet, or snowy surface, will be reliable and predictable in every season with Delinte all-season tyres.

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