About Delinte

Delinte tyres are produced on the newest, high-tech assembly lines, according to the latest techniques. The tyre structure, the rubber compound, and the tread design meet the strictest requirements in the areas of quality and traffic safety. This means the summer tyres guarantee strong driving and braking properties on both dry and wet roads. The winter and all-season tyres have received the 3PMSF classification (Three Peak Mountain Snowflake), meaning that these winter and all-season tyres by Delinte conform to the various winter legislations in Europe.

Delinte offers the right tyre for all circumstances. From regular everyday use to high performance. From highway to off-road. The Delinte tyres offer the right grip and steering precision at all times. Delinte tyres are the ideal mix of quality and performance. Thanks to the special composition of the rubber, combined with the unique structure of the tread, Delinte tyres perform impressively even in extreme weather conditions. Delinte tyres are available in a wide range of types and sizes at an attractive price. Delinte believes users should be able to rely on their car tyres at all times. For this reason, Delinte tyres offer excellent driving properties, as well as reliable and predictable driving behaviour, in all circumstances. Even at higher speeds or during sporty driving behaviour, Delinte tyres won’t let the user down. When you are looking for a good alternative to the well-known A brands, Delinte Tyres is the place to be for you.