Summer tyres

If you choose Delinte summer tyres, you will be guaranteed optimal driving properties combined with great value for money. Delinte tyres have a high-quality tyre construction, unique tread design, and a well-balanced rubber compound. A suitable version is available for every brand and car type.

Delinte Summer tyres

Delinte produces summer tyres in several categories, suitable for a variety of driving styles.

For example, the Delinte D7 is highly suitable for sporty drivers, while the Delinte DH2 is the ideal tyre for passenger cars, both for short city trips and for longer travel distances. For a combination of on-road and off-road driving with an SUV, the Delinte D8 is the right choice.

Delinte summer tyres also perform well in wet weather conditions. Even during heavy rainfall, the Delinte summer tyres won’t let you down. The car’s driving and braking behaviour will remain predictable and reliable even in extreme conditions. That’s a safe feeling.

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