Winter tyres

Delinte’s winter tyres function optimally in all winter conditions. Thanks to the inclusion of silica, the optimised rubber compound will remain flexible even at extremely low temperatures. This means grip is maintained, as well as driving and braking properties. Naturally, the Delinte winter tyres feature the 3PMSF winter label (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake). This shows that the tyres conform to European regulations for use in those European countries that have made winter tyres mandatory as part of their regulations.

Delinte Winter tyres

Delinte winter tyres are produced on the latest-generation assembly lines. Their newly-developed combination of tyre structure, rubber compound, and tread design guarantees optimal performance under all winter conditions. The tyres will remain flexible even at extremely low temperatures.

This ensures that Delinte winter tyres keep their winter properties and keep performing very reliably. Thanks to the clever tread construction, water, snow, and dirt are quickly removed from underneath the tyre. This greatly reduces the risk of aquaplaning. Maximum grip and control are retained, which keeps the car more driveable.

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