The Delinte AW5 Van is similar to the Delinte AW5, but specially made for delivery vans. All technical specifications are equal, but the tyre construction has been specially strengthened and the rubber compound is slightly more rigid, which allows the tyres to perform optimally even under heavy loads and remain stable in all circumstances. Whether it’s summer, autumn, winter, or spring, you’ll be able to go on your way safely and without worries. The Delinte AW5 Van, too, has the 3PMSF classification (Three Peak Mountain Snowflake), which means this tyre is also suitable for driving in those European countries that enforce winter legislation.



    • Waterafvoer
      3 doorlopende lengtegroeven, versnelde waterafvoer, maximale controle op nat wegdek.
    • Profielopbouw
      Doorlopende, schuin geplaatste breedtegroeven, gereduceerd risico op aquaplaning.
    • Remprestaties
      Unieke geblokte profielopbouw, extra grip en betere remprestaties.
    • Stabiliteit
      Brede, extra verstevigde schouderblokken, optimale stabiliteit.
    Prestaties op droog wegdek
    Prestaties op nat wegdek
    Comfort / Geluid
    75 Series
    195 / 75 R16 107RCB272
    205 / 75 R16110TCB272
    70 Series
    195 / 70 R15104RCB272
    215 / 70 R15109RCB272
    225 / 70 R15112SCB272
    65 Series
    195 / 65 R16 104RCB272
    205 / 65 R16 107TCB272
    215 / 65 R16 109TCB272
    225 / 65 R16 112SCB272
    235 / 65 R16 115RCB272